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Rapid Software Prototyping can significantly reduce development times in the field of Computational Molecular Biology and Molecular Modeling. BALL (Biochemical Algorithms Library) is an application framework in C++ that has been specifically designed for this purpose. It provides an extensive set of data structures as well as classes for Molecular Mechanics, advanced solvation methods, comparison and analysis of protein structures, file import/export, and visualization.

BALL has been carefully designed to be robust, easy to use, and open to extensions. Especially its extensibility, which results from an object-oriented and generic programming approach, distinguishes it from other software packages. BALL is well suited to serve as a public repository for reliable data structures and algorithms. The development of new methods is greatly simplified when using the data structures and functionality provided by BALL.

Biochemical Algorithms Library

Reference Manual
  • Tim Aubertin
  • Christian Bender
  • Andreas Bertsch
  • Lisa Katharina Blaß
  • Nicolas Pascal Boghossian
  • Andreas Burchardt
  • Andreas Crauser
  • Anna Dehof
  • Holger Franken
  • Jan Fuhrmann
  • Carla Haid
  • Andreas Hildebrandt
  • Heiko Klein
  • Andreas Kerzmann
  • Oliver Kohlbacher
  • Hans-Peter Lenhof
  • Bettina Leonhardt
  • Andreas Moll
  • Peter Müller
  • Sabine Müller
  • Stefan Nickels
  • Alexander Rurainski
  • Lara Schneider
  • Stefan Schuh
  • Daniel Stöckel
  • Stefan Strobel
  • Marc Sturm
  • Nora Toussaint
  • Hongbo Zhu