BALL  1.4.79
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 Foundation Classes
 Common Definitions
 Object Persistence.
 Class Black Box Testing
 Benchmarking of classes.
 General datastructures
 Generic Datastructures for Regularly Spaced Data
 Generic Hash Associative Containers
 Three-dimensional Hash Grid
 Analytical Geometry
 Primitive datatypes
 Representation of angles.
 4x4 Matrix
 Two-dimensional vectors.
 Three-dimensional vector.
 Four-dimensional vector.
 Geometric objects
 Generic three-dimensional box.
 Generic three-dimensional circle.
 Generic Line in Three-Dimensional Space.
 Plane in three-dimensional space.
 Surface in three-dimensional space.
 Fast Fourier Transforms
 Function classes
 Operating system support
 Kernel Classes
 Molecular Datastructures
 Iterator Classes
 Periodic Table of Elements
 Kernel Predicates
 Molecular Modeling
 Energy evaluation (non-MM)
 Electrostatic energy
 File Formats
 Molecular structure file formats
 Molecular Dynamics Trajectory File Formats
 General Purpose File Formats
 Support for hierarchical text data.
 NMR File Formats
 Molecular Mechanics
 AMBER Force Field.
 CHARMM Force Field.
 General Force Field Classes.
 Rule-based parameter assignment
 Molecular Dynamics Simulation
 Energy Minimizer
 MMFF94 Force Field.
 Force Field Parameters
 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
 Shift model classes
 NMR spectra and related classes
 Shift modules
 QSAR -- Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship.
 Molecular Descriptors
 Solvation methods
 Molecular Structure
 Radial Distribution Functions
 Molecular Surface Computation
 Creation of peptides
 Matching of submolecular structures
 Mapping of molecular structures
 Geometric property processors.
 Docking of molecular structures
 X-Ray Crystallography
 Datatypes for the VIEW framework
 Different color classes
 Format conversion classes used by the color classes
 Helper Base Classes for derived GeometricObject 's
 QT Dialogs
 Client/Server request handling
 Widget connectivity and message queuing
 Geometric primitives and their management
 Setup of the Stage, Camera and LightSources
 Other classes
 Model Processors
 Geometric Objects
 Modular Widgets
 Python extensions
 Common Mathematical Functions