OpenMS  3.0.0
FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent.h File Reference
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class  FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent
struct  FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::FeatureFinderMetaboIdentCompound
 represents a compound in the assay library More...
struct  FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::MassTraceBounds
 Boundaries for a mass trace in a feature. More...
struct  FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::FeatureFilterQuality
 Predicate for filtering features by overall quality. More...
struct  FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::FeatureCompare
 Comparison functor for features. More...


 Main OpenMS namespace.

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◆ OpenMS::FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::MassTraceBounds

struct OpenMS::FeatureFinderAlgorithmMetaboIdent::MassTraceBounds

Boundaries for a mass trace in a feature.

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Class Members
double mz_max
double mz_min
double rt_max
double rt_min
Size sub_index