OpenMS  3.0.0
GUIHelpers.h File Reference
#include <OpenMS/VISUAL/OpenMS_GUIConfig.h>
#include <OpenMS/DATASTRUCTURES/ListUtils.h>
#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/FileHandler.h>
#include <QColor>
#include <QFont>
#include <array>
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class  OverlapDetector
 A heuristic: Given a set of levels (rows), try to add items at to topmost row which does not overlap an already placed item in this row (according to its x-coordinate) More...
class  GUILock
 RAII class to disable the GUI and set a busy cursor and go back to the original state when this class is destroyed. More...
class  ColorBrewer
struct  ColorBrewer::Distinct


 Main OpenMS namespace.


void openFolder (const QString &folder)
QString getSaveFilename (QWidget *parent, const QString &caption, const QString &dir, FileTypeList supported_file_types, bool add_all_filter, const FileTypes::Type fallback_extension)
 Open a dialog to select a filename to save data to. More...
void startTOPPView (const QStringList &args)
 Open TOPPView (e.g. from within TOPPAS) More...
void openURL (const QString &target)
void drawText (QPainter &painter, const QStringList &text, const QPoint &where, const QColor col_fg=QColor("invalid"), const QColor col_bg=QColor("invalid"), const QFont &font=QFont("Courier"))
 draw a multi-line text at coordinates XY using a specific font and color More...
QRectF getTextDimension (const QStringList &text, const QFont &font, int &line_spacing)
 Obtains the bounding rectangle of a text (useful to determine overlaps etc) More...
StringList convert (const QStringList &in)
QStringList convert (const StringList &in)