OpenMS  3.0.0
MzTabBase.h File Reference
#include <OpenMS/DATASTRUCTURES/String.h>
#include <OpenMS/CONCEPT/Exception.h>
#include <OpenMS/CONCEPT/LogStream.h>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <algorithm>
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class  MzTabDouble
class  MzTabDoubleList
class  MzTabInteger
class  MzTabIntegerList
class  MzTabBoolean
class  MzTabString
class  MzTabParameter
class  MzTabParameterList
class  MzTabStringList
class  MzTabSpectraRef
class  MzTabBase


 Main OpenMS namespace.


typedef std::pair< String, MzTabString > MzTabOptionalColumnEntry


enum  MzTabCellStateType {
 Base functionality to for MzTab data models. More...

Class Documentation

◆ OpenMS::MzTabSoftwareMetaData

struct OpenMS::MzTabSoftwareMetaData
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Class Members
map< Size, MzTabString > setting
MzTabParameter software

◆ OpenMS::MzTabSampleMetaData

struct OpenMS::MzTabSampleMetaData
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Class Members
map< Size, MzTabParameter > cell_type
map< Size, MzTabParameter > custom
MzTabString description
map< Size, MzTabParameter > disease
map< Size, MzTabParameter > species
map< Size, MzTabParameter > tissue

◆ OpenMS::MzTabCVMetaData

struct OpenMS::MzTabCVMetaData
Collaboration diagram for MzTabCVMetaData:
Class Members
MzTabString full_name
MzTabString label
MzTabString url
MzTabString version

◆ OpenMS::MzTabInstrumentMetaData

struct OpenMS::MzTabInstrumentMetaData
Collaboration diagram for MzTabInstrumentMetaData:
Class Members
map< Size, MzTabParameter > analyzer
MzTabParameter detector
MzTabParameter name
MzTabParameter source

◆ OpenMS::MzTabContactMetaData

struct OpenMS::MzTabContactMetaData
Collaboration diagram for MzTabContactMetaData:
Class Members
MzTabString affiliation
MzTabString email
MzTabString name