OpenMS  3.0.0
OpenSwathWorkflow.h File Reference
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struct  ChromExtractParams
 ChromatogramExtractor parameters. More...
class  OpenSwathWorkflowBase
class  OpenSwathCalibrationWorkflow
 Execute all steps for retention time and m/z calibration of SWATH-MS data. More...
class  OpenSwathWorkflow
 Execute all steps in an OpenSwath analysis. More...
class  OpenSwathWorkflowSonar
 Execute all steps in an OpenEcho analysis (OpenSwath for SONAR data) More...


 Main OpenMS namespace.

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◆ OpenMS::ChromExtractParams

struct OpenMS::ChromExtractParams

ChromatogramExtractor parameters.

A small helper struct to pass the parameters for the chromatogram extraction through to the actual algorithm.

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Class Members
double extra_rt_extract Whether to extract some extra in the retention time (can be useful if one wants to look at the chromatogram outside the window)
String extraction_function The extraction function in mass space.
double im_extraction_window Extraction window in ion mobility.
double min_upper_edge_dist Whether to not extract anything closer than this (in Da) from the upper edge.
double mz_extraction_window Extraction window in Da or ppm (e.g. 50ppm means extraction +/- 25ppm)
bool ppm Whether the extraction window is given in ppm or Da.
double rt_extraction_window The retention time extraction window.