OpenMS  3.0.0
TargetedExperimentHelper.h File Reference
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struct  Configuration
struct  CV
struct  Protein
class  RetentionTime
 This class stores a retention time structure that is used in TargetedExperiment (representing a TraML file) More...
class  PeptideCompound
 Base class to represent either a peptide or a compound. More...
class  Compound
 Represents a compound (small molecule) More...
class  Peptide
 Represents a peptide (amino acid sequence) More...
struct  Peptide::Modification
struct  Contact
struct  Publication
struct  Instrument
struct  Prediction
struct  Interpretation
 Product ion interpretation. More...
struct  TraMLProduct
 Represents a product ion. More...


 Main OpenMS namespace.
 This class stores helper structures that are used in multiple classes of the TargetedExperiment (e.g. ReactionMonitoringTransition and IncludeExcludeTarget).


OpenMS::AASequence getAASequence (const Peptide &peptide)
 helper function that converts a Peptide object to a AASequence object More...
void setModification (int location, int max_size, String modification, OpenMS::AASequence &aas)
 helper function that sets a modification on a AASequence object More...