OpenMS  3.0.0
WizardHelper.h File Reference

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class  WizardGUILock< TWidgetClass >
 RAII class to switch to certain TabWidget, disable the GUI and go back to the orignal Tab when this class is destroyed. More...
struct  Args
 custom arguments to allow for looping calls More...
struct  Command


 Main OpenMS namespace.
 Namespace used to hide implementation details from users.


typedef std::vector< Args > ArgLoop
using InputFile = OpenMS::InputFile
using OutputDirectory = OpenMS::OutputDirectory
using ParamEditor = OpenMS::ParamEditor
using TableView = OpenMS::TableView

Class Documentation

◆ OpenMS::Internal::Args

struct OpenMS::Internal::Args

custom arguments to allow for looping calls

Collaboration diagram for Args:
Class Members
size_t insert_pos where to insert in the target argument list (index is 0-based)
QStringList loop_arg list of arguments to insert; one for every loop

Typedef Documentation

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◆ OutputDirectory

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