OpenMS  3.0.0
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 NOpenMSMain OpenMS namespace
 NstdSTL namespace
 CModificationsDBReturns a pointer to a modified residue given a residue and a pointer to a modification from the
 CMQEvidenceBuilds a MaxQuant Evidence.txt
 CParam@TODO loop over all runs
 CParamPerform inference. Filter, build graph, run the private inferPosteriorProbabilities_ function. Writes its results into protein and (optionally also) peptide hits (as new score). Optionally adds indistinguishable protein groups with separate scores, too. Output scores are always posterior probabilities. Input can be posterior or error probabilities. See
 CResidueDBModifies the residue at index in the sequence and potentially in the
 CResidueModificationSets the modification of AA at index by providing a pointer to a