OpenMS  2.4.0
Data analysis

TOPPView also offers limited data analysis capabilities for single layers, which will be illustrated in the following sections. The functionality presented here can be found in the Tools menu:


TOPP tools

Single TOPP tools can be applied to the data of the currently selected layer or to the visible data of the current layer. The following example image shows the TOPP tool dialog:


To apply a TOPP tool, do the following:


One can access the meta data the layer is annotated with. This data comprises e.g. contact person, instrument description and sample description.

Identification data, e.g. from a Mascot run, can be annotated to the spectra or features, too. After annotation, this data is listed in the meta data as well.


Statistics about peak/feature intensities and peak meta information can be displayed. For intensities, it is possible to display an additional histogram view.